In the past, deputies with the Paulding County Ohio Sheriff’s Office walked neighborhoods, passing out flyers about registered sex offenders who had moved into the neighborhood. PCSO met its statutory requirement for community notifications but the task was expensive, time-consuming, and the process exposed the deputies to undue risk.  

However, amid the global Covid-19 pandemic, PCSO was looking for a safer and healthier solution to the deputies walking the county door-to-door. PCSO turned to OffenderWatch, the nation’s leader in sex offender management, to provide a cost-effective, safe alternative to passing out flyers so they could adhere to social distancing guidelines. 

OffenderWatch’s Postcard Community Notification program is a cost-effective solution for law enforcement agencies looking to update the community when a sex offender moves into a new neighborhood. For the cost of a first-class stamp, a registering agency can click to order, then OffenderWatch will print and mail postcards within 72 hours and provide a delivery log to the agency. About 3 million sex offender notification postcards were sent by OffenderWatch agencies last year. Plus, OffenderWatch agencies automatically sent over 17 million email updates to the community when registered offenders move into their neighborhood.  

 It’s not a good idea for deputies to be going doortodoor during this time of social distancing,” said Sheriff Landers. OffenderWatch’s email, website, and postcard notification options are a safer, faster, and cost-effective means of notifying the public of registered sex offender movements.