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OffenderWatch Post Card Notifications

Registering Agencies turn to OffenderWatch Post Card Notifications to send over 3 million
community notifications are sent each year.

Key Benefits

  • Saves you time – With one click, all residents and special recipients are selected to receive a professional notification post card with your agency logo and personalized message. 
  • Saves you money – For the cost of a stamp, everything is included: postage, address list rental, printing,  high-quality 4×6 post card stock, delivery to the post office, and full database updates.
  • Positive Public Relations – Branded post cards promote your safety program to your citizens. Now available with Spanish translation.
  • Provides a comprehensive history – The notice and corresponding recipient addresses are logged in case the agency needs to show proof the notice was sent and who received it.  and recipient details are logged into a database for future reference.


    OffenderWatch Network Quick Facts:

  • The largest sex offender registry and community notification system in the U.S.
  • Over 15,000 users from over 3,000 agencies including 20 Statewide and counting.
  • Over 700,000 records on registered sex offenders from sheriff’s offices, police departments, Attorney Generals’ offices, U.S. Marshals judicial districts, U.S. attorneys, federal and state probation and parole agents, department of corrections, Indian tribes, and more.
  • Over 20,000 offender relocations tracked per year
  • Over 250, 000 secure messages between agencies
  • Over 1 million email notification recipients
  • Over 300 tips from citizens per month
  • Over 100M residents with children in the US are covered in the network

Easily send your citizens a post card notifying them of sex offenders in their area