Find Out How OffenderWatch Can Help Your Agency


OffenderWatch makes the most of an agency’s limited resources by minimizing the administrative “paperwork” time for each offender, allowing them to maximize the amount of time interviewing and checking up on the actual offender, recording the best possible data, and flagging any inconsistencies in the offender record. Learn how we can help your local agency.


Join states that have signed on for statewide deployment of OffenderWatch. State agencies are seamlessly integrated into the OffenderWatch network, allowing all agencies to instantly learn about offender movements. Plus, learn how OffenderWatch can help ace your NCIC audits and more.


OffenderWatch technology makes it easy for local, state, and federal agencies to share offender data, update records, and collaborate on investigations. Our network helps federal agencies access real-time, accurate sex offender data. You’ll also learn when an offender absconds or falls non-compliant. Find out how OffenderWatch can improve efficiencies for your federal agency.


Take advantage of a proven sex offender registry management system that’s easily configured for your country’s needs. OffenderWatch is the leading public safety sex offender registry network in the United States, and your law enforcement agencies can collaborate on a single sex offender record across any jurisdiction or territory.