OffenderWatch Products

OffenderWatch offers a suite of complementary products to make law enforcement’s jobs easier, and the public safer. Click a product below to learn more about how it can help your team improve efficiency, save time and money, and increase communication between agencies.



OffenderWatch is the nation’s leading sex offender registry network. OffenderWatch is helping to create a true unified registry so agencies can share information, collaborate, and keep the public safer. Learn more.

OffenderWatch Mobile

OffenderWatch Mobile is an easy-to-use app for accessing and updating sex offender records from a smart phone or tablet. Learn more.

OffenderWatch Booking Alerts

Booking Alerts automatically notifies you when one of your registered offenders is booked or released from a jail in the U.S. Learn more.

OffenderWatch Active Contact

Active Contact helps increase compliance by sending automatic personalized email and pre-recorded telephone reminders to your offenders reminding them of their registration responsibilities and requirements. Learn more.

OffenderWatch Record Locator

Eliminate the struggle of collecting, managing and distributing information about offenders with other agencies. The application helps merge or addend duplicate offender records. Learn more.

OffenderWatch Express Check-In

Express Check-In cuts processing time of re-registration and address updates to a fraction of what it is today by allowing offenders to pre-enter certain data before appearing in front of an officer. Learn more.

OffenderWatch Post Card Notifications

Save officer time with one click all residents and special recipients  receive a professional notification post card with your agency logo and personalized message for the price of a first class stamp. Learn more.

OffenderWatch FOCUS

Using predictive analytics, FOCUS allows agencies to better utilize resources on registered sex offenders who need the most oversight. Learn more.

OffenderWatch Permits

Increase revenue with easy-to-use online permitting & fee collections. Learn more.