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Preferred Partners


APPRISS is a provider of VINE, America’s leading victim notification network. VINE allows victims to track and monitor their offender while incarcerated. OffenderWatch allows the public consumer to track the same offender once released. APPRISS is also a provider of Justice Xchange, a booking and incarceration network. Justice Xchange notifies OffenderWatch agency users when their offender has been booked and/or released from any jail or correctional facility in the country.

Bi2 Technologies 

Biometric Intelligence and Identification Technologies offers a suite of biometric identification and recognition technologies and services to eliminate mistaken identity.

InformData +

Bridging the gap between CRAs and the data they need.
Background screening solutions that empower CRAs with actionable insights that are reliable, efficient and drive down total cost of ownership.




Commsys provides solutions and services for public safety software vendors focused on state, regional and national CJIS interfaces. Commsys integrates national sex offender data from OffenderWatch into information returned from CJIS.

The Sheriff App

The Sheriff App

We specialize in custom mobile apps for sheriffs’ offices. Leaders in law enforcement app development. Division of OCV, LLC. 

ROMI Analytics  

ROMI Analytics provides data analytics and predictive policing capabilities to law enforcement and investigators. These analytics drive the OffenderWatch FOCUS solution identifying offenders who are more likely to reoffend.

IJIS Institute

The Integrated Justice Information Systems (IJIS) Institute with a mission to unite the private and public sectors to improve critical information sharing for those who provide public safety and administer justice in our communities. OffenderWatch and Baltimore PD were the recipient of the 2018 IJIS Innovation Award for their collaboration on FOCUS.

International Association of Chiefs of Police

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) is dedicated to advancing the law enforcement profession through advocacy, outreach, education and programs.

Louisiana Economic Development Office

The OffenderWatch App was developed with support from Louisiana Economic Development’s Office of Entertainment Industry Development.


Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association

The Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association comprises Louisiana’s 64 sheriffs and nearly 14,000 deputy sheriffs. Its purpose is to maintain the powers of the sheriff as peace officer, to ensure the delivery of first-rate services by sponsoring legislation to promote the administration of criminal justice and to serve as a clearinghouse for information.


Major County Sheriffs of America

The Major County Sheriffs of America (MCSA) is dedicated to preserving the highest integrity in law enforcement and the elected Office of the Sheriff. OffenderWatch is a longtime strategic partnership with MCSA providing consultative services and training regarding proactive sex offender management strategies.


National Sheriffs’ Association

The National Sheriffs’ Association is dedicated to serving the Office of Sheriff and its affiliates through police education, police training, and general law enforcement information resources. OffenderWatch has been a premier sponsor and training partner of NSA for over 20 years acting in a consultative capacity on all issues regarding sex offender management, monitoring and public notification.

Western States Sheriffs’ Association

The Western States Sheriffs’ Association is comprised of Sheriffs and their command staff from 16 Western States. OffenderWatch is a longtime partner assisting Sheriffs and their Offices with Federal and State legislative issues, addressing policy and procedural matters, and developing guidelines to promote uniformity in sex offender management practices.