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OffenderWatch Family Safety App

Child predators are a reality. Now there’s a tool to help parents protect their children from sex offenders.

Like a seat belt or swim floaties—parents rely on tools to help keep their children safe. Online, predators sadly use social media and more to prey on children.

That’s why trusted law enforcement partner OffenderWatch created the OffenderWatch App, an app designed to allow parents to track their kids, locate sex offenders near them, and alert parents if registered sex offenders contact their children through calls, texts, emails, or if they linger too close to an offender’s residence.

By signing up with the OffenderWatch App, parents are alerted if a registered sex offender engages their children through texts, calls or emails. Parents are also alerted if their child is near a sex offender’s home for an extended period of time.

The OffenderWatch App is ready to help you prevent the unthinkable and help keep your kids safe.

How It Works


Install the app

Parents install the OffenderWatch App and create an account for the whole family.


Install the App on Child Devices

Install the OffenderWatch Child app on your child’s device with your family login and password.  It works silently in the background and won’t interfere with your child’s phone use.


You are all set to track your family!

Find sex offenders on a map, locate your family, and get alerts from law enforcement about sex offenders in your safe virtual neighborhood.



Protect your children online

Sexual predators increasingly use the internet to lure or extort children. Your subscription enables monitoring of your child’s calls, messages, email and location then alerts parents if a child is contacted by a registered sex offender or lingers near a registered sex offender’s home. The subscription is just $9.99 per year and covers the ENTIRE family.

The Only App Partnered with Law Enforcement

THe OffenderWatch app is the only app that directly partners with law enforcement to analyze sex offender data. OffenderWatch cross-references sex offender data pulled directly from participating law enforcement departments with people contacting your child’s smartphone or device. If a registered sex offender in our network contacts your child using text messages, email, or phone calls — or if your child is near an offender’s home — you’ll be alerted.

Once you sign up for the OffenderWatch app, you’ll also receive email alerts if a registered sex offender moves into your neighborhood.

1 in 5 teens

has received an unwanted sexual solicitation online.
Crimes Against Children Research Center

The Nitty Gritty

Offender Data

Convicted sex offenders are generally required by law to register their phone numbers, address, and all social media accounts with law enforcement.


Sign Up

Parents who get the OffenderWatch App will download the app on their child’s smartphone device, as well as setting up a parental account on their own device.



The app monitors your child’s location, texts, emails and phone calls in the background, without storing your child’s messages or interfering with its use.



If registered sex offenders contact your child via a monitored communication channel using their data listed with law enforcement, you receive an instant notification.


From there, it’s up to you to ask your children about their communications—escalating the situation to law enforcement if needed.

Contact Local Law Enforcement

While we partner with law enforcement to provide the most up-to-date information on registered offenders, we do not share information with law enforcement. If you suspect criminal activity or abuse, contact local law enforcement listed in the app.

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