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Our Technology

Our technology is constantly improving, to achieve the highest levels of security and efficiency. OffenderWatch is provided as software-as-a-service. This enables efficient and timely delivery of new features to meet changing needs. The core program incorporates a powerful database, a graphical information system (GIS), a configurable user interface, and a collaboration platform.   OffenderWatch users can store and search mountains of data, conduct location-based searches, display meaningful results using maps, and message and share data with colleagues in the system. Read more about our technology and how it can help reduce your IT support costs.

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Why do 4,000 agencies choose OffenderWatch?

    • Better Compliance – OffenderWatch automates your registration, verification, and notification processes to help ensure your agency complies with State and Federal registration laws.
    • Streamlines Work – OffenderWatch is an internet-based sex offender management, community notification, and geographical information system that houses the offender records and all associated images, and related files. It is all searchable, mappable, exportable, and printable.
    • Connects with Other Systems – OffenderWatch connects your agency to the largest private network of sex offender data in the country. The system syncs with NCIC, Exchange Portal, NSOPW, the U.S. Marshals Service, as well as any other state systems daily or in real time.
    • Increases Public Safety – OffenderWatch provides effective community notification with your branded web portal, supporting searchable, built-in neighborhood maps, automated email distribution, and postcards.
    • Saves Money and Resources – OffenderWatch demands less of an agency’s resources and personnel than traditional, paper-based record keeping. And since OffenderWatch is a commercial off-the-shelf product, it can be up and running quickly.
    • Improves Investigations – OffenderWatch generates automatic alerts on offender movement across jurisdictions, absconders, bookings, and promotes interaction among federal, state, and local agencies.
    • Is Robust and Reliable – OffenderWatch is hosted for you to empower your agency with the most advanced technology, 24/7, and hassle-free.

Scalable Architecture for a Growing National Network of Agencies

  • 15,000+ Users
  • 4,000-6,000 active users per day
  • 1,000+ concurrent users
  • 3,500+ law enforcement agencies
  • 600,000+ offender records
  • 80,000+ map views per month
  • 500,000+ system messages between agencies

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Reduces Agency IT Costs

  • No costs for hardware or software maintenance, software development, help desk, or user training.
  • Increases efficiency, consistency and continuity among agencies.
  • Reliable, scalable, secure and fully serviced hosting.
  • Regular feature enhancements based on changes user requests built into the business model.

Powerful GIS Provides Accurate Offender Mapping, Geofencing, Jurisdictions

  • Support investigation efforts with “map-based queries” of suspects around incident locations.
  • Help citizens know who is in their neighborhood with radial searches and automated email alerts whenever an offender moves within a prescribed distance.
  • Enforce address protected areas with immediate alerts whenever an address is too close to a school, day care or other location.
  • Take advantage of mapping data updates to ensure offenders are placed in proper locations, so citizens can locate offender addresses of importance.

Community Notifications, Verification & Reporting Helps Ensure Compliance

  • OffenderWatch helps law enforcement adopt best practices in sex offender management and community notification.
  • The OffenderWatch software solution immediately improves the workflow, compliance, and efficiency of our law enforcement clients.
  • Our experience in this field means we have already incorporated a great many configurable features into OffenderWatch to allow agencies to use the software in different ways, and to become immediately compliant while accommodating variations in state laws.
  • OffenderWatch has helped states achieve compliance with the SORNA requirements of the Adam Walsh Act within each office associated with registration, verification and state reporting.

Secure Hosting at Nlets 

OffenderWatch is securely hosted at NLETS, a CJIS security compliant facility in Phoenix, Arizona. OffenderWatch NLETS hosting includes redundant hardware and network services for the OffenderWatch database, GIS system, document management system, web services, and notification system. The facility has security, disaster recovery, fire and power protection. OffenderWatch hosting requires no IT support by law enforcement agencies. OffenderWatch users access the system via FIPS-140-2 secure internet connections.

With one of the most secure and established hosting systems in the nation, NLETS provides the latest, state-of-the-art technology in an unparalleled secure environment with redundant technical infrastructure and onsite expertise monitoring hardware and connectivity 24/7/365. NLETS has a robust, scalable, private, secure network with connectivity to every state and federal agency with a law enforcement component including the FBI CJIS Division. Our staff follow CJIS policy, receive CJIS Security and Awareness Training Report, and sign FBI CJIS Security Addenda.