We Use Technology to Improve How You Manage Your Sex Offender Registry.

OffenderWatch ensures a real-time balance between NSOR and the registry, and the registry and NCIC.

OffenderWatch is the nation’s leading sex offender registry management and community notification network. More than 3,000 local, state, and federal agencies entrust their sex offender information to OffenderWatch to ensure compliance, increase efficiency, and reduced IT costs, all while helping to protect the public with accurate, timely and complete information.

One Offender, One Record

It’s time for agencies to share common offender data and to work cooperatively across jurisdictional boundaries. OffenderWatch is the only sex offender registry management tool where an offender record is uniquely associated with an agency based on an address. Collaboration occurs based on assigned user permissions inside and outside of an agency. As offenders move outside of an agency, ownership of that record is transferred to the new agency, and the previous owner’s permissions are then reduced. As system controls change, the “backend engine” can be configured to automatically send alerts to interested partners.

Why Choose OffenderWatch?

  • Ensures Compliance – OffenderWatch automates your registration, verification, and notification processes to ensure your agency remains in compliance with registration laws.
  • Streamlines Work – OffenderWatch is an Internet-based sex offender management, community notification, and geographical information system that houses the offender records, all associated images, and related files. It’s all searchable, mappable, exportable, and printable.
  • Connects with All Systems – OffenderWatch connects your agency to the largest network of sex offender data in the country. The system syncs in real time with NCIC, Exchange Portal, NSOPW, the US Marshals Service, as well as many other state systems.
  • Increases Public Safety – OffenderWatch provides effective community notification with your branded and searchable web portal, built-in neighborhood maps, automated email distribution, as well as USPS postcards.
  • Saves Money and Resources – OffenderWatch demands less of an agency’s resources and personnel than traditional, paper-based record keeping. And since OffenderWatch is a network of linked users, it’s far more efficient than in-house applications that are not connected around a shared offender record.
  • Improves Investigations – OffenderWatch maintains an easy-to-view historical account of who has managed the offender and all of the information ever collected. It can also trigger automatic alerts on offender movement across jurisdictions, absconder classification, and bookings in and out of jails, while promoting interaction and collaboration among federal, state, and local agencies.
  • Is Robust and Reliable – OffenderWatch is hosted for you at Nlets within a fully CJIS compliant facility and complies with SSAE 16 and SOC 2 protocols, ensuring your information remains safe and secure.

View an offender’s record history and all information necessary to properly register an offender who moved from another jurisdiction.

The OffenderWatch Network

OffenderWatch has more than 60% of the nation’s sex offender records in its network—more than any other registry system. Our goal is to have one registry that is connected with every agency, across every jurisdiction.

See who’s currently in the OffenderWatch Network.

• Statewide OffenderWatch Implementation
• OffenderWatch Presence in State
•Statewide Implementation w/ NCIC Submissions

Our Partners

OffenderWatch is proud to partner with 13 outstanding organizations to support its mission to keep the public safe. Some of the below partnerships with OffenderWatch date back to 20 years!


Key Benefits

  • Saves time – Phone calls and emails are sent automatically in advance of the offender's registration or verification date. Officers spend less time waiting for no-shows, following up, and reminding offenders.
  • Increases compliance – Offenders who receive reminders are much more likely to show up for their appointments and remain compliant.
  • Validates phone numbers and email addresses – Your agency is immediately alerted of any failed phone calls and returned emails, which may indicate the need for further validation of contact information with the offender.
  • Personalized messages – We create scripted, pre-recorded phone messages which are customized with your agency name, reporting date, and number for the offender to call confirming contact.
  • Schedule it and forget it – Active Contact calls and emails your offenders according to your schedule. Send reminders 5 days prior to the next verification due date, 3 days after a missed appointment, periodically during the year reminding of requirements, or for any other special messages or purpose.
  • Receive alerts and exception reports – Active Contact accepts call backs and email responses from your offenders to verify that your reminder was delivered. You receive daily reports on the calls, alerting your staff of any failed calls or messages.
  • Automatic message logging and reporting – Active Contact maintains an activity record for each offender showing the results of calls and messages that were sent in a full statistical recap.

Other OffenderWatch Products & Services

OffenderWatch has created complementary products to meet the needs of sheriffs, deputies, marshals and officers around the country. We know that every office works differently, but every investigative tool doesn’t have to. Learn more about our supplementary offerings to sync with OffenderWatch.