Safe Virtual Neighborhood

Your Most Important Public Safety App.

Your Most Important Public Safety App  

If your agency can send an email to citizens when there is a sex offender in the neighborhood, wouldn’t you let them know when an offender is in the living room? 

Your deputies patrol the neighborhood but our software will let parents know if a sex offender is chatting with their child in their virtual neighborhood. 

Important Internet Safety Statistics

  • Children who meet and communicate with strangers online are easy prey for Internet predators.
  • Predators have easy and anonymous access to children online where they can conceal their identity and roam without limit.
  • 89% of teens have a smart phone and 70% are on social media multiple times a day
  • Teens overwhelmingly choose Snapchat (41%) as their main social media site, followed by Instagram (22%) and Facebook (15%)
  • At least 25% of teens have received sexually explicit texts and emails, and at least 14% are sending sexts.
  • 54% of teens report that if parents knew what happened on social media, they’d be a lot more worried about it.
  • 45% of sexual assault victims are under 12 years old
  • We estimate 80% of addresses have a sex offender within a 1 mile radius
    Source: A 2018 study (Social Media, Social Life) conducted by Common Sense Media in 2018

In 2018 NCMEC’s CyberTipline received more than 18.4 million reports, most of which related to:

  • Apparent child sexual abuse images.
  • Online enticement, including “sextortion.”
  • Child sex trafficking.
  • Child sexual molestation.
  • Source: The national Center for Missing & Exploited Children, Exploited Children Statistics

How it Works

Parents who sign up for Safe Virtual Neighborhood will download the app on their child’s smartphone device. The app shows a banner and contact information for your agency. It monitor’s the child’s Snapchat activity, texts, emails, location and phone calls in the background, without storing the child’s messages or interfering with its use. If a registered sex offender contacts the child, or if the child the child lingers near the address of a sex offender, the parent receives an instant notification. From there, it’s up to parents to ask their children about their smartphone activity or contact your agency with their concern.

Considering how much time today’s kids spend on their smart devises and computers, there has never been a greater need to keep them safe from predators hunting online. Safe Virtual Neighborhood’s mission is to help parents protect what is most precious to them.

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