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OffenderWatch Permits

Increase Revenue with Easy-to-Use Online Permitting & Fee Collections


OffenderWatch Permits can be used for:

  • Pistol permits
  • Concealed carry applications
  • FOIA requests
  • Event registration
  • Detail collections
  • Fee collections

Key Benefits

  • Citizens love it. Easy online application and payment.
  • Agencies keep the application fee. We charge the citizen a minimal credit card convenience fee.
  • Paperless. No paper shuffling or files to maintain.
  • Saves staff time. Eliminates manual data entry and automates email acknowledgment, renewal reminders, and receipts.
  • Better customer service. Fast approval processing automatically logs and reports applications, approvals, denials, comments, and collections.
  • Branded for you. Your online application and printed permits and receipts carry your agency logo and specific language.
  • Tailored to you. We tailor your online application and collect all the data you need for processing the application.
  • Custom printing. Branded wallet, half-page, or full-page permits and receipts.
  • Built-in reporting. Track and report progress, backlog, productivity, and audit of fees collected.