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Like a seatbelt or a life jacket, the OffenderWatch App is another tool

that keeps your children safe. With notifications and access to

the most comprehensive sex offender registry, parents can stay

aware of your children’s whereabouts and communications

to make sure they’re safe. 





View your child’s location on a map and receive alerts if they linger near the residence of a registered sex offender.



Designate locations like school or home to receive alerts when your child leaves or arrives.



Your child’s texts, emails and phone calls are cross-checked for a potential contact from someone published on the registry.



Search the nation’s most comprehensive sex offender registry and receive alerts if someone on the registry moves into your neighborhood.


 1 in 5


teens has received an unwanted

online sexual solicitation. 

The Nation’s Most Comprehensive Sex Offender Registry

Powered by Local Law Enforcement                                                                                                                                                           

OffenderWatch is the only app that directly partners with law enforcement to analyze sex offender data. We cross-reference sex offender data pulled directly from participating law enforcement
departments with the incoming messages, emails and phone calls to your child’s smartphone or device. If someone from our registry contacts your child – or if your child is near an offender’s home you’ll be alerted. Additionally, once you sign up for the app you’ll receive an email alert should a registered sex offender move into your neighborhood.

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Available on both iOS and Android, download OffenderWatch and
take the next step in monitoring your child’s safety.
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