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OffenderWatch Express Check-In

Save time by allowing the offender to update data online prior to in-person verification.

Add touch-free temperature scanning where registrants enter your facility.

A Self-Service Solution to Expedite Re-registration

OffenderWatch Express Check-In enables online re-registration and address updates to improve compliance and reduce in-person interaction.


Key Benefits

  • Reduces in-person contact and saves time – Officers save time editing records by having registrants update information online ahead of the in-person interview. Registrants save time waiting in the lobby, receive a reminder of their next verification/re-registration date, and can print a receipt to bring to the registering agency when they appear in person.
  • Receive proactive alerts – Officers receive messages when a registrant has submitted updates for his/her file.
  • Maintains registry integrity and security – Officers can view the list of submitted registration updates that are pending. After an officer has reviewed the submission and accepts it, the update is applied to the record in registry database. After each check -in, the registrant’s record is updated, and the next verification date is re-calculated.

Remote Check-in During COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Support stay-at-home orders by reducing or eliminating in-person contact – Registrants who use the program may not need to appear in person and may avoid a visit by officers from the registering agency to their address.
  • Reduced Legal Liability – Offering an easy online solution removes obstacles to remaining compliant and avoids complaints by registrants.
  • Increased Compliance – Re-registration periods can be easily adjusted as statutes change during the crises. Agencies can select weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • Offender get notified – By including OffenderWatch Active Contact and Postal Service, registrants can be remined by robocall or post card to check-in online to improve compliance. 

Add Thermal Check-in to for in-person registrations

  • Screen visitors for possible COVID19 infection
  • Enforce wearing a face mask
  • Log Images for upload to OffenderWatch