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Fox News Reports on OffenderWatch Caribbean Partnership

Read the original article on A joint mission to create a coordinated sex offender registry across 15 Caribbean nations – tracking them both in that region and eventually across the world – was announced this week, urging all governments in the sector to...

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OffenderWatch Featured on “Fox & Friends”

  OffenderWatch Safe Virtual Neighborhood was featured in a segment on "Fox & Friends" about technology and apps that help keep students safe. Click the image above to watch the video. Copyright Fox & Friends. Learn how you can use Safe Virtual...

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Kids safety apps help parents, schools keep children safe

Fox News Kurt Knutsson shows you the best apps to help keep your students safe. OffenderWatch SVN is one of the best apps to help keep your students safe. Kurt Knutsson of Fox News discusses OffenderWatch Safe Virtual Neighborhood App as one of the Kids safety apps to...

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