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OffenderWatch NCIC Sync

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Automatically Sync Offender Records with NSOR

Why do more states choose OffenderWatch to sync their sex offender records with NCIC NSOR?  States are required to submit sex offender records to the FBI National Crime Information Center (NCIC) within 72 hours of a change to the record. These records are used to update the National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) that is used for criminal investigations.  Records entered manually are incredibly difficult to do correctly and require a second party validation of the data.  Sex offender records at NSOR that have not been updated within a year require another manual validation of the data and resubmission to NCIC.  OffenderWatch NCIC Sync is the best way to automate this process and save man-years of effort.

Key Benefits

  • Completeness –  Pack your records!  NCIC Sync supports all NCIC required and supplemental fields.
  • Accuracy – Dropdowns and format checking makes editing fast with fewer typos. We handle NIC insertion, receipt and routing of Accept/Reject responses and other processes required by NCIC/NSOR.
  • Timeliness –  Immediately syncs the offender record with NCIC upon save.  No duplicate entry via an NCIC terminal.
  • Far Fewer Rejections – Logging and reporting of rejections helps identify training issues and almost eliminate rejections.
  • Dramatically Reduce Manual Validations – NCIC is updated with each re-registration or verification to reduce the number of records requiring tedious manual validation.
  • Eliminate Second Party Checks – Because records are synced via an electronic record management system, states often choose to forgo manually rechecking NCIC entries by the registering agencies.
  • Professional Support – Our team includes a former State CSO, NCIC process experts, and NCIC user instructors. Let us be at your side for your next FBI NCIC Audit.


  • Average NCIC submission success rate improves from 60% to 92%
  • OffenderWatch NCIC Sync has been implemented in 12 states:  AL, LA, IN, NJ, MD, MO, NM, OH, RI, VT, UT, WY 
  • OffenderWatch handles over 1.6 million NCIC transactions annually
  • States Using OffenderWatch NCIC Sync experience quick and successful FBI Audits