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Local Agencies

Expect the unexpected with advanced notice and accuracy of offender movement.

OffenderWatch is the industry standard for sex offender registry management, working closely with more than 3,500 local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in 37 states. Most states have a different system for tracking these offenders. Communication on offender movement between agencies is a huge challenge—one that OffenderWatch has overcome.

OffenderWatch makes the most of an agency’s limited resources by minimizing the administrative “paperwork” time for each offender, allowing them to maximize the amount of time interviewing and checking up on the actual offender, recording the best possible data, and flagging any inconsistencies in the offender record. Through precise offender address mapping, inter-agency alerts, automated calendar appointments and full document archiving of state forms and photos with the offender record, OffenderWatch helps agencies get more done in less time with fewer resources. Since OffenderWatch is internet based, there is no computer hardware investment.

Why Choose OffenderWatch?

Provides channel to properly communicate between local jurisdictions.
Avoid the disruption of an unexpected offender showing up to register at your office—or not knowing about new offenders in your jurisdiction at all. By relying on timely and accurate notification from OffenderWatch, you’ll be ready when an offender knocks on your door.

Increases timeliness and accuracy of data submitted to the public.
By being kept in the loop of new offenders moving into your jurisdiction, you can alert the public ahead of time. OffenderWatch allows you to do more with fewer resources when it comes to registration, monitoring, and beyond.

Updates systems automatically when statutes change.
As statutes change on a regular basis, OffenderWatch is re-configured in a timely manner to adjust to changing legal landscapes that local agencies are bound to (at no additional cost). The system also automates manual tasks that must be completed by local agencies.

Achieves spirit of the law by exceeding letter of the law.
OffenderWatch is configured to not only meet the requirements of each state for regulations on sex offenders, but to exceed these requirements. The spirit of the law covers the expectations of your citizens for the highest levels of public safety. You have a legal responsibility to register a sex offender via the letter of the law, but the public expects the process to be as timely and accurate as possible. With OffenderWatch, it will be. We reinforce the public’s trust and confidence in local law enforcement.