iPhone Setup

How to Connect Your Child’s Apple Device for Monitoring


STEP 1: Install the Safe Virtual Neighborhood app on your child’s Apple device.

  • Download the Safe Virtual Neighborhood app on your child’s phone if you haven’t already.
  • Search the App Store for “Safe Virtual Neighborhood” or download from the link below.

Step 2: Create an Account

Visit svn.offenderwatch.com or click the link below to Create an Account, and click “Sign Up.” Enter your email, choose a password, and agree to Terms and Conditions.

Next, you’ll enter payment information, followed by profile information. Next, log into the app on your child’s cell phone to setup.

STEP 3: Open SVN App on Child’s Phone & Login

  • Open the Safe Virtual Neighborhood app on your child’s device, and login with the credentials you just created.
  • Look for the Save Virtual Neighborhood app on the device’s home screen or App Drawer with this icon (shown in screenshot).
  • Click “Login” on both screens once you open the app, as shown here.

STEP 4: Add a Child Device

Select Add/Edit Family, then select your child. You will see this screen. Tap Add New Device and follow the instructions.

STEP 5: Follow the instructions to allow permissions

You will see several screens where you are allowing Safe Virtual Neighborhood the permission to monitor your child’s device, as seen below:

STEP 6: You’re Finished!

You’ll now be alerted if a registered sex offender contacts your child via email–or if your child is near an offender’s home.

Need additional assistance?
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