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International Agencies

Take advantage of a proven sex offender registry management system that’s easily configured for your needs.

OffenderWatch, the leading public safety sex offender registry network in the United States, is now working with countries around the world to build a better sex offender registry solution. In 2018, OffenderWatch announced its contract with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to modernize the Canadian National Sex Offender Registry and create a unified system that shares data between local, provincial and federal agencies.

Let us do the same for your country.

Why Choose OffenderWatch?

  • One Record, One Offender – Agencies can collaborate on a single sex offender record across any jurisdiction or territory, improving accuracy, completeness and timeliness.
  • Cost Savings – Building a custom registry system from scratch is timely, costly, and difficult to maintain. OffenderWatch is already created, and our system can be easily reconfigured to meet your country’s specific needs in terms of data and security.
  • Data Security – OffenderWatch can be deployed behind firewalls on systems maintained by your federal agency—so that all data is maintained by you on your hardware.
  • Improved Efficiency – OffenderWatch can be configured to bring efficiency in records management and investigations.
  • Market Leader – OffenderWatch is the largest private sex offender registry management solution. We are the market leader in the business, and you will benefit from our decades of experience in the industry.
  • Easily Scalable & Reconfigured – Our tech team can easily change how OffenderWatch works, so that it can be customized for your country’s needs.


Read about our contract with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on the Blue Line.