OffenderWatch App Media Kit



Here is all you need to brief your staff, announce your safety program to the public, and promote throughout the year.


Six Steps to a Successful Public Safety Program with the OffenderWatch App

Here are professionally designed templates, images, and materials for your public relations campaign.

STEP ONE: Download and Personalize for Your Agency

Tailor these for your agency by adding your own sound bites and quotes, your logo, contact information, links to your website, and social media.

STEP TWO: Select Digital Media Images for Your Website and Social Media

  • On your website, add our new animated GIF or search buttons that link to your Sex Offender Registry.
  • On your website, add OffenderWatch App download buttons for Apple and Android devices.
  • Use graphics on your social media or website to link to or to a page you create to explain your safety program.
  • Post a link to on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with our social media graphics and use hashtag #preventtheunthinkable.

STEP THREE: Select Videos to Link to on Your Website and Social Media

Download and save these videos:

What is the OffenderWatch App?

Child advocate Jenna Quinn talks about the OffenderWatch App

STEP FOUR: Prepare Your Public Safety Campaign

  1. Review the provided Talking Points for the Sheriff to the Press and brief your staff on the OffenderWatch App and your Safety Program.
  2. Update your website with new animated sex offender search buttons. Make sure the button to search your sex offender registry is in the top third of your agency home page and/or is in the menu.
  3. Consider adding a page about online safety with download buttons for the OffenderWatch app using the provided web art.  Link to the articles in internet safety tips.
  4. Add the provided graphic buttons with links to to learn more about the OffenderWatch App and to download the app.
  5. Work with your local television and radio channels to create a public service announcement. Use the PSA Script as an example. You have permission to use the animated video or images provided.
  6. Update your social media channels as needed. Follow @offenderwatch on Facebook and Twitter for ongoing updates.
  7. Determine the venue for announcing your program. Consider announcing in conjunction with a community event such as a Rotary Club or PTA meeting.
  8. Determine who is speaking to the press and edit the provided Run of Show and Sample Press Release. Contact to include additional quotes from OffenderWatch at your press conference.
  9. Install the OffenderWatch App on your phone and get familiar with it. Call our Help Desk at 985-871-8110 and ask for Jeremy or email for a walk-through or to answer any questions.
  10. Edit the Sample Press Release for your agency, the date, and venue. Add a quote from your agency or from a community leader, if available.
  11. Edit the Sample Media Alert & send it to your media contacts.
  12. Edit the Sample Email Template and email your constituents.
  13. The agency PIO should contact if you need assistance.

STEP FIVE: Launch Your Safety Program

  1. Invite members of the media to a launch event for the OffenderWatch App. Include the press release in emails.
  2. Provide the media with printed copies of your press release and the provided the OffenderWatch App Brochure.
  3. Hold a launch event. Answer press questions. Take photos, note who is in the photos.
  4. Post photos of the event to your social media channels.
  5. Post the press release about the event on your website.
  6. Share or post any articles by the media about the event on your social media.
  7. Tag @offenderwatch and use the hashtag #PreventTheUnthinkable on your posts.

STEP SIX: Promote Your Safety Program on Social Media

Your agency likely already has an ongoing social media program. Each month we provide content you can share on your social media channels.

  1. We provide original safety articles that you can repost on your website or social media. Visit
  2. Follow @offenderwatch on social media for more news to share with your constituents about online safety and protecting families form sex offenders.


Many agencies use Facebook to promote their public safety programs to families in their jurisdiction. Follow @offenderwatch on Facebook for weekly articles and information about sex offenders, online safety, human trafficking, sextortion, and recognition of law enforcement agencies in the OffenderWatch network. Share relevant articles with your Facebook Fans. Tag @offenderwatch and use the hashtag #PreventTheUnthinkable on your own posts about the OffenderWatch App.


Agencies use Twitter as a daily news feed for updating the public on current conditions such as traffic accidents and closures and as a real-time news feed during crisis events. Follow @offenderwatch on Twitter and retweet relevant tweets with your Twitter followers. Tag @offenderwatch and use the hashtag #PreventTheUnthinkable on your own posts about the OffenderWatch App.


LinkedIn is more focused on business contacts and interactions. Some law enforcement agencies and associations use LinkedIn to promote their programs and for recruiting staff. Follow @offenderwatch LinkedIn and share relevant articles with your LinkedIn followers. Tag @offenderwatch and use the hashtag #PreventTheUnthinkable on your own posts about the OffenderWatch App.


Instagram is popular with moms and folks for sharing images. Follow @offenderwatch and share safety articles we post there. Use some of the images provided with a link to your website or to articles on


YouTube is a great place to post public safety and how-to videos as well as historical videos showing your agency’s response to crisis events. Put links to your YouTube videos on your website. You can find the OffenderWatch App and other videos on the OffenderWatch YouTube Channel.


Next Step:  Extend Your Leadership with ready-made Content for your Social Channels

To further your position as a leader in child safety, select from these Safety blog posts each month.  Post a link on your Facebook or Twitter accounts along with a comment.