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State Agencies

On-demand, accurate information at your fingertips.

OffenderWatch makes obtaining registered sex offender data from local agencies faster, more efficient, and more accurate. Join states that have signed on for statewide deployment of OffenderWatch. Entire state agency integration into the OffenderWatch network is seamless. Data entry and paperwork for sex offender registry management at the state level are essentially eliminated, freeing your staff to focus on process improvement instead of clerical tasks. Reports and dashboards used at the state level can be configured and automatically produced in real time based on real-time data updates from the agencies.

Why Choose OffenderWatch?

Learn instantly about offender movements.
By joining the OffenderWatch network, you’ll be a part of the nation’s leading system of sex offender records. When a local agency updates information on a sex offender in OffenderWatch, it is automatically updated across the network, which might impact an agency in your state. As we work to provide updates outside the network, OffenderWatch can update the Exchange Portal in real-time, as well as sending interactive email alerts to other interested parties in affected jurisdictions.

Ace your NCIC audits every time.
NCIC submissions should have a 100% pass rate. We also think requirements at the registry level should be the same at NCIC. Through years of submissions, we’ve developed a method where we offer a proven solution that provides a real-time balance between NSOR and the registry, and the registry and NCIC.

For the past two years, states with OffenderWatch implemented across agencies have a perfect record for passing NCIC audits. What does that mean? It means the FBI finds OffenderWatch data to be accurate and records complete.

Plus, we don’t leave it all to you to handle. When your state comes up for another NCIC audit, OffenderWatch will be your partner in the process, assisting along the way to help run reports and answer questions. We make sure your records submitted to the FBI are on time, accurate, and complete. The NCIC 3.0 process has more advantages, too—with the methodology comes a reduction in the monthly validation process.

Be more efficient.
When joining the OffenderWatch network, you can choose the degree of integration. Some state clients have chosen to use the database entirely, while others have the application feed an internal database for other purposes. The degree of involvement internally is determined by the client partner. However, some key advantages of choosing the full integration to your OffenderWatch solution can be adapted to comply with changes in practices or statutory requirements. OffenderWatch provides the technical support and ongoing training for your system for the life of the agreement.

Easily meet new statutory requirements.
Because OffenderWatch is highly configurable, many changes can be implemented with simple configuration settings. Larger changes requiring programming are included in your service agreement with no additional cost to your agency. Our deep understanding of the issues associated with sex offender registry laws allows our pricing model and production schedules to anticipate changes and modifications without additional invoicing and change orders. Your budget and fiscal office will know over a set period the exact dollars to allocate, as well as timeframes on deliverables.

Spend less of your budget on maintaining dated sex offender registry systems, and instead get more value to improve processes, share information and easily pass federal audits.