Parent Guide: Get Started with the OffenderWatch App


Install on Parent’s Phone 

Download the OffenderWatch App from the app store onto the parent phone.

Add your email, create a password, then agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Remember your Family login and password to install the app on your child’s phone.


Create Parent Profile

Add your home address and phone number so you can be notified about sex offenders.

You’re done!

Login to enjoy the OffenderWatch SVN App to find sex offenders near you!


Add your Child’s Profile on the Parent’s Phone 


On your parent phone, add a child profile with your child’s name and phone number. A link will be sent to your child’s phone.

Go get your child’s phone.



Install on Your Child’s Phone using Family Login

A link was sent in a message to your child’s phone.  Download the OffenderWatch app on your child’s device.

Login to the OffenderWatch App on your child’s phone with the family login you created before.

Complete your child’s profile buy adding the phone number. Complete any further setup instructions on the child’s phone. Logout on the child’s phone.

Success!  Now parents track your child on the map and find sex offenders that reside near them.

Talking to Your Child About Sex Offenders

Even young children can begin to understand that a person who appears nice can have hurtful intentions. Follow these tips to help talk to your children about sex offenders and potential online threats.