The most current version of the OffenderWatch App is: iOS version 2.16.5 for OffenderWatch Parents and 1.1.1 for OffenderWatch Kids, and Android version 2.10.22 for OffenderWatch Parents and 2.10.23 for OffenderWatch Kids. (The most current version number of the OffenderWatch App is located on the lower right of the login screen.)

How does the OffenderWatch App work?

The OffenderWatch App is an application that resides on your child’s device, iPhone or Android smartphone.

The FREE version of the App allows you to find registered sex offenders near you or your family members, track your child, get safety tips and get alerts from your local law enforcement agency.

With a Protect Plus subscription of only $9.99/year for the ENTIRE family, the app compares the information from people calling, emailing or sending messages to your child’s device against law enforcement databases of sex offender information. We will alert you if a registered sex offender contacts your child using their registered phone, text, or email. The OffenderWatch App also monitors your child’s location and will notify you if the device is within close proximity of a sex offender’s home address.

How do I add a child?

Adding a child is simple, but be prepared to spend a few minutes setting up the tracking applications. Before you start, find out your child’s email, phone username and password, and if iOS, you will need their iCloud login information.  Just follow these steps:

If you haven’t already, install the app on your parent phone.

  • Download the OffenderWatch Parent App from the app store onto the parent phone (not the OffenderWatch Kids App).
  • Add your email, create a password, then agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Create your parent profile.

  • Add your home address and phone number so you can be notified about sex offenders.
  • You’re done adding your parent profile. Login to the OffenderWatch App to find sex offenders near you!

Add your child’s profile while on your parent phone.

  • On your parent phone, add a child profile with your child’s name.
  • Add items to be tracked like your child’s email, or, if iOS, add their iCloud login information.
  • Add the child’s phone number when prompted.
  • Once you have finished setting up the device, a link will be sent to your child’s phone.
  • Go get your child’s phone.

Install on your child’s phone.

  • When you created your child’s profile, a link was sent in a message to your child’s phone. Follow the instructions in the message to download the OffenderWatch App on your child’s device.
  • There are two steps: 1. Download the OffenderWatch App on your child’s device, and 2. Complete the setup on their phone.
  • After completing these two steps,  open the OffenderWatch App on your child’s phone.
  • It will continue to run in the background without using much battery. If your child accidentally deletes the app, we will know because it will stop tracking. In this case, we will notify you.


Now you can get back onto your parent phone and track your child on the map and find any sex offenders that reside nearby.

What is Child Check In?

Child Check In will send a message to your child asking them to acknowledge their status. This can be useful if their location has not updated in some time. Locations update only when the phone moves in a substantial way. So if your child is stationary for a long period of time, it will show the same location as its last movement indicates.  Once the child acknowledges the Child Check In, the location is updated and other information is forwarded to our servers for checking activity.  To request a check in, find your child on the map and tap the Check In button. If the location does not update within a few minutes, please contact us for assistance.

How do I set up iCloud for monitoring on my child's phone?

Setting up iCloud steps

(This may take a few minutes, but your child’s safety is worth it!) You will need your child’s Apple ID and password.  We will monitor your child’s iCloud account in the background, so it won’t affect performance of your child’s phone.  Forgot my Apple ID? Here is what to do.

STEP 1: Open your child’s profile and click Add iCloud. 

Read the instructions. Click Yes, I would like to proceed. 

STEP 2: When prompted, enter your child’s Apple ID and Password

  • After entering the Apple ID and Password, click Submit. The app will connect to Apple to verify your child’s iCloud account.
  • Get your child’s device. Enter the 6-digit authentication code that was sent to your Child’s phone.  



Your child’s device is now being monitored and you will get alerted should your child get contacted by a registered sex offender or linger near a registered offenders home.

What type of emails does it monitor?

We monitor Microsoft, Yahoo and Gmail addresses. Many school addresses are actually supported by one of these services. Ask your school which one they use.

What's in the FREE version?

Find Sex Offenders Near Me: Quickly pinpoint residences of sex offenders currently registered with local law enforcement. Click on the pin to see a photo and details about the offender. Keep aware of offenders near you and use this information to talk to your child about staying away from that location.

Find My Family: It is often difficult to keep track of your child on a bicycle, walking home from school, or visiting grandma. By monitoring your child’s phone, you can track their location as they move about the neighborhood.

Find Sex Offenders Near My Family: Your child is planning to visit a friend in another town or go trick-or-treating with friends in another neighborhood. Now you can track the location of your child and the location of the residences of registered sex offenders around them.

Get Alerts from Local Law Enforcement: Parents receive an email alert should a registered sex offender move to a residence nearby. Parents also receive safety advisories and information directly from local law enforcement.

Get Help or Contact Your Local Law Enforcement Agency: Learn how to speak to your child about sex offenders, get online safety tips, contact local law enforcement, or quickly dial 911.

What's in the Protect Plus version of the App?

By adding a family annual subscription for only $9.99/year for the ENTIRE family, the OffenderWatch App will alert parents if a registered sex offender contacts your child by email, text message, phone call or if your child’s device lingers near a registered sex offender’s residence.

Monitor My Child’s Activity: Parents can see the numbers of text messages, emails, and calls each month for each child.

Alert if My Child is Contacted by a Known Sex Offender: Parents are alerted of a contact by a registered sex offender via text, email or phone call with their child. Parents receive a text message and email notification when an alert event occurs with information about the contact and suggestions on what to do.

Alert if My Child Lingers Near a Registered Sex Offender’s Home: We track each child’s location on a map and if they end up at a registered sex offender’s home address, we alert the parent via text and email. 

For step by step instructions on how to setup on Android or iPhone, or for Frequently Asked Questions, click below.

The ONLY App that partners with law enforcement.

Offender Data

from local law enforcement is used in the App.



your child’s location, texts, emails and phone calls.



You receive an instant notification if registered sex offenders contact your child.


From there, it’s up to you to ask your children about their communications.

Contact Local Law Enforcement

If you suspect criminal activity, contact local law enforcement listed in the app.