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OffenderWatch Thermal Check-In

Touch-free temperature scanning at every checkpoint in your facility.

Touch Free Fever and Mask Detection to Safeguard Your Facilities

OffenderWatch Thermal Check-in is a high-quality fever detector and facial recognition system that is ideal for Public Safety applications.


Key Benefits

OffenderWatch Thermal Check-in is an effective way to enhance safety in your lobby, jail, substations, or courthouse. It is easy to install in any reception area for a quick and accurate detection of fever and the presence of face masks.

Screen visitors for possible COVID19 infection

Persons entering your facility can be routed in front of OffenderWatch Thermal Check-in to instantly have their face detected, logged, body temperature read, time-stamped and recorded. If the visitor’s temperature is above the acceptable range, an alarm is raised to prevent access.

Enforce wearing a face mask

If your policy requires a face cover before entering your facility, OffenderWatch Thermal Check-in will rapidly scan each employee or visitor and use AI technology to determine if a face mask is present. The system will alert the visitor to don one and be rescanned before being allowed in.

Log Images into the OffenderWatch Sex Offender Registry

As an option, when registered sex offenders appear for their update or routine visits, photos can be transferred to OffenderWatch as an additional current photo of the offender.


  • Non-medical fever detection
  • Touch-free temperature reading from 20 to 40 inches
  • Fast temperature detection, accurate to 0.5°C (0.9°F).
  • Artificial intelligence driven face and mask detection
  • Temperature display with automatic audible warning.
  • Android tablet-based solution with local storage, logging, and administration
  • 2 million pixels, binocular camera system, 1.5-watt speaker.
  • Weigand output for access control systems, Ethernet, and USB port
  • Custom temp and alarm settings, detects and requests masks
  • Logs all pictures, temps, time stamps and facial recognition
  • Includes desk stand, mini keyboard, mouse, and USB hub for admin and logging