While most local law enforcement agencies operate within single jurisdiction, some operate under much more complex arrangements. This can often create problems for agencies managing registered sex offenders in overlapping jurisdictions.  Consider the Town of Queen Creek Arizona.  Currently, Queen Creek is in the process of establishing its police department. While the town of Queen Creek rests within Pima County, Arizona, the town has contracted with Maricopa County law enforcement in its stead.  

When an offender moves into a new county, they must immediately register with the receiving county’s law enforcement according to the terms of their sentencing. Although it is a straightforward process, this can be complicated when jurisdictions intersect, making it harder for both law enforcement and offenders to fulfill their legal obligations.  

Thankfully, both Maricopa and Pima Counties are partnered with OffenderWatch. When an offender moved to Queen Creek earlier this year, he had to report to Maricopa to be registered with Pima. But both Pima and Maricopa were able to instantly communicate with each other to ensure the appropriate registration. 

“The system messages keep me informed when [the offender] has complied with Maricopa County as required,” says Detective Amy Blackwell from Pima County Sheriff’s Office. OffenderWatch allows partnered agencies to maintain an extensive historical file on each registered offender, which can be updated, accessed, and discussed in real-time. 

Arizona is one of 21 statewide implementations of OffenderWatch that enables collaboration between agencies and tracking and sharing of records between jurisdictions.  

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