OffenderWatch FOCUS

Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office

Success with OffenderWatch FOCUS

“We’ve had some sex offenders whom we spent a lot of time on, but then we had other registrants who weren’t classified as severely and then were involved in other crimes. I thought, with a small investment of time and money, maybe we could prevent more crimes.”

— Det. Mike Robinson, Offender Registry Division, Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office

Predictive modeling of your sex offender population

OffenderWatch FOCUS helps agencies better understand their offender population to prioritize management resources and community notification.


What is OffenderWatch FOCUS?

OffenderWatch FOCUS helps agencies design an offender monitoring strategy focused on those offenders most likely to fall non-compliant or commit another crime. The OffenderWatch FOCUS score is a dynamic risk factor derived from proven predictive analytics and is updated automatically in OffenderWatch. By using FOCUS as part of a comprehensive sex offender management policy, local, and state agencies can efficiently allocate time and resources to those offenders who need it most.


How It Works

  • Seamlessly synced with your OffenderWatch software, FOCUS uses complex predictive analytic algorithms to analyze over 100 different risk factors found in the OffenderWatch record, as well as other state, federal, and commercial data sources, to assign a score to a registered offender.
  • OffenderWatch FOCUS puts a 1-10 score on all offenders
  • FOCUS Scores are not dependent on conviction, so is not affected by plea bargains
  • Scores are automatically updated monthly, and do not require any extra data entry work by staff
  • The FOCUS score appears on each offender’s record and is seamlessly integrated into OffenderWatch search so that agencies can see all the truly high-risk offenders with the click of a button.

More effectively allocate resources based on true risk

  • Prioritize higher risk offenders for address verification
  • Increase frequency of visits
  • Use as an adjunct to the Static 99 
  • Collect as much information about these offenders as possible
  • Ensures effective use of patrol and partner agency resources performing verifications 

React quickly should a sex crime occur

  • Use OffenderWatch investigative search to identify suspects by description, vehicle, MO, and location
  • Then use OffenderWatch FOCUS score to shortlist your suspects

Key Benefits

  • Better Compliance—Focusing limited resources on higher risk offenders is more effective than trying to spend time equally on all offenders.
  • Save time and money by knowing which offenders should be monitored more closely.
  • Increase public safety by closely managing your worst offenders—even if they are not classified that way by the state.
  • Seamlessly syncs with OffenderWatch—you won’t have to install anything new or enter extra data.
  • No training required—easy to use.