OffenderWatch Booking Alerts

Know When an Offender Has Been Incarcerated or Released Elsewhere

OffenderWatch Booking Alerts saves time searching for offenders who may be incarcerated anywhere in the United States. Booking Alerts automatically notifies you when one of your registered offenders is booked or released from a jail in the U.S.

Receive an email when one of your offenders is booked in another jurisdiction.

Key Benefits

  • Receive immediate notification of bookings – When one of your offenders is booked or released anywhere in the country, Booking Alerts immediately notifies your designated SORT officer by email.
  • Save time searching or starting prosecution – Stop wasting time and resources searching for missing offenders, creating warrants and starting prosecution for registration violations of offenders who are incarcerated somewhere.
  • Cross reference automatically – Once activated, Booking Alerts automatically monitors your agency’s OffenderWatch sex offenders each day so that alerts are triggered on fresh information.


Key Benefits

  • Saves time – Phone calls and emails are sent automatically in advance of the offender's registration or verification date. Officers spend less time waiting for no-shows, following up, and reminding offenders.
  • Increases compliance – Offenders who receive reminders are much more likely to show up for their appointments and remain compliant.
  • Validates phone numbers and email addresses – Your agency is immediately alerted of any failed phone calls and returned emails, which may indicate the need for further validation of contact information with the offender.
  • Personalized messages – We create scripted, pre-recorded phone messages which are customized with your agency name, reporting date, and number for the offender to call confirming contact.
  • Schedule it and forget it – Active Contact calls and emails your offenders according to your schedule. Send reminders 5 days prior to the next verification due date, 3 days after a missed appointment, periodically during the year reminding of requirements, or for any other special messages or purpose.
  • Receive alerts and exception reports – Active Contact accepts call backs and email responses from your offenders to verify that your reminder was delivered. You receive daily reports on the calls, alerting your staff of any failed calls or messages.
  • Automatic message logging and reporting – Active Contact maintains an activity record for each offender showing the results of calls and messages that were sent in a full statistical recap.

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