iPhone Setup

Setup Parent’s Phone

iOS Version 14.x or later
OffenderWatch Parent App Version 2.16.5 or Offenderwatch Kids version 1.1.1

STEP 1: Install on Parent’s Phone

Add your email, create a password, then agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Remember your Family login and password to install the app on your child’s phone.

SVN Login Screen

Install SVN App

SVN Create an Account

Create family login.

STEP 2: Create Parent Profile

Add your home address and phone number.

Login to enjoy the SVN App!


Create Profile

svn success screen




You can now find offenders near you and get notified if one relocates into your neighborhood.

Find Sex Offenders 


Lets Monitor A Family Member


STEP 1: Install on Child’s Phone using Family Login

Download the Safe Virtual Neighborhood app on your child’s device (you may need the child’s Face ID or App Store password).

Login with the family credentials you created on the parent’s phone.

SVN Login Screen

Use Family Login


STEP 2: Add Family Member’s Profile

Add your child’s name, image, emails, phone numbers.

svn add family

Add Family Member

Complete Profile

STEP 3: Add the Device and Enable Location Tracking

Assign this device to the family member’s profile.

Enable location tracking of this device.

Add device to this profile.

Enable location tracking.


Now you can track your family members and look for sex offenders near them.

Find My Family

Upgrade to Protect Plus


STEP 1: Click on Upgrade to Protect Plus

On the Parent’s phone, click on Family

Click on Upgrade to Protect Plus

svn add family

Click to Upgrade


STEP 2: Click Upgrade Now

Monitor your whole family for only $9.99

svn upgrade to protect plus

Upgrade Now

STEP 3: Confirm Subscription

Click on OffenderWatch Safe Virtual Neighborhood $9.99 to initiate the Apple pay.

If there is an existing subscription, you will be added to it.

svn upgrade restore purchase



Parents will get alerted should a child get contact by a registered sex offender or linger near a registered offenders home.

Get Alerts!


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