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Without being connected to a national network of sex offender registries, some law enforcement agencies who register sex offenders may not be aware of registered offenders moving into their jurisdiction. However, OffenderWatch automates relocation notifications and record sharing for partners in its network—saving time and potentially saving future victims.  

This summer, when a registered sex offender failed to appear for his 90-day check-in with Bernalillo Sheriff’s OfficeNew Mexico, the investigator turned to OffenderWatch. After pulling up the offender’s profile in OffenderWatch’s records, the investigator called the offender and learned he had moved to Houston, Texas without informing either registering law enforcement agency. When the Bernalillo investigator updated the offender’s address to Houston, OffenderWatch immediately alerted the Houston Police Department that the offender had moved to their jurisdiction. Without the relocation notification, the offender could have remained non-compliant and risk the safety of the Houston community. 

Houston PD had immediate access to the offender’s comprehensive record from Bernalillo and any previous agencies where the offender was registered. Without OffenderWatch, Houston PD would have had to spend time contacting the registering agency where the offender previously lived, waiting on his records and information to be mailed, faxed or sent—which can sometimes take weeks and cost money. Houston PD immediately accessed the offender’s extensive historical record, saving significant data entry time. The department already knows the offender’s address, phone numbers and original conviction information without spending hours on the phone with the outofstate agency and outofstate courthouse. With this information Houston PD can ensure the offender remains compliant or begin an investigation to obtain a warrant for non-compliance. 

The OffenderWatch Network helps registering agencies save time and money—by sending automatic relocation alerts and sharing records when offenders move between jurisdictions and time is of the essence.