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Federal Agencies

A national sex offender registry that supports the diversity of the demand.

The original intent of the sex offender registry was to have a national registry to assist in investigations on known sex offenders. As the federal and state laws evolve, technology supporting these laws should as well to maintain the original intent. The OffenderWatch network supports a variety of capabilities for federal agencies. First, it can be used as an initial data source. Enter basic offender data and save the record and the network can notify all local and state agencies affected by the address. Second, agencies can be a recipient of offender notifications when an offender absconds or falls non-compliant. Lastly, agencies can run batch or single records against the master file and find or update offender statuses.

Our technology makes it easy for local, state, and federal agencies to share offender data, update records, and collaborate on investigations. But we also have a huge application of connecting thousands of dedicated law enforcement personnel together over one common offender record.


Why Choose OffenderWatch?

  • Accurate offender data updated and accessible in real-time by agencies at all levels.
  • Automatic notifications to agencies when an offender moves to a new jurisdiction.
  • Cost effective systems—OffenderWatch can easily reconfigure its web-based platform based on new statutes, mandates, or changes in technology.
  • Highest levels of security for offender data. OffenderWatch is fully compliant in SSAE 16 and SOC2, which reflects our commitment to support the highest standards for business process control, data security, and privacy.
  • Improved public safety because agencies are working from one offender record, sending and receiving information about offender movements in real time. When law enforcement has accurate information about potential threats, the public wins.