Android Setup

Click the Google Play icon to download the app.

get it on google play

Android Versions 9 or later
OffenderWatch App Versions 3.0.14 in Google Play or Child Version 1.0

STEP 1: Install on the Parent’s Phone

Download the app to your phone. Add your email, create a password, then agree to the Terms and Conditions.

(REMEMBER your Family login and password because you will need that to install the app on your child’s phone.)

STEP 2: Create Parent Profile

Add your home address and phone number, then click Create Account.


You can now find offenders near you and get notified if a sex offender relocates into your neighborhood.

Now, let’s add a family member


STEP 1: Add a Child Profile on the Parent Phone

  • Under Manage Family, click Add Family Member.
  • Then enter your child’s name, image, emails, phone numbers.
  • After creating a child profile, a text message with a link will be sent to your child’s phone.

STEP 2: Go get your child’s phone or device

  • On your child’s phone, open text messages to find the message from the parent phone, and click the link in that message to begin downloading the OffenderWatch App for Child Android devices.

STEP 3: Login to the OffenderWatch App on the Child’s Phone or device

Click on the OffenderWatch App Icon (Use the family login from your parent phone).

STEP 4: Update your Child’s Profile

Make sure you have the name, phone, all emails, and a photo of the child this phone belongs to.

STEP 5: Check the Settings

Follow the instructions for location and privacy settings.


You can now track this phone and see if any sex offenders live nearby.

But wait…why don’t you Upgrade to Protect Plus so you can monitor your ENTIRE family for only $9.99/year? Monitor calls, texts and emails and be alerted should a registered sex offender contact your family member.