Live Online Advanced Training

OffenderWatch Advanced User Training

When: 2 PM to 3 PM Central Standard Time, Third Tuesday of Each Month 

If you’ve already been acquainted with OffenderWatch in our Online Training, please join us for the interactive session with an experienced instructor. Ask questions and go into greater depth with our high-impact training in a live, online environment. With our training, you will learn everything you need to be an expert OffenderWatch user.

Here are a few of the Advanced Topics that will be covered:

  • Manually Mapping an Offender’s Location (Homeless or Bad Address)
  • Verifications for an offender managed by another agency
  • Utilities (Address Checker, COP certification, Employer/ Volunteer/ Facility)
  • Access to a “Linked Agency” record
  • Quick Verification Entry and Verification Quick View

Please Join us for Tuesday Training:

2PM Tuesday, January18th – OffenderWatch Advanced Training

2PM Tuesday, February 15th – OffenderWatch Advanced Training

2PM Tuesday, March 15th – OffenderWatch Advanced Training

This free OffenderWatch Tuesday training is a terrific opportunity to increase your proficiency and ask questions