Safe Virtual Neighborhood

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Keep your children safer online from sexual predators.

Sexual predators are increasingly targeting children using computers and smart phones and have turned social media platforms into their hunting grounds. That’s why OffenderWatch is introducing Safe Virtual Neighborhood, a new technology designed to notify parents if registered sex offenders contact their children through certain social media platforms, texts, or emails.

By signing up with Safe Virtual Neighborhood, parents are alerted if a registered sex offender engages with children through Snapchat, texts, phone calls or emails. Parents are also alerted if their child is near a sex offender’s home for an extended period of time. Along with these alerts, parents are also provided recommendations on how to contact law enforcement to report this illicit contact and are also provided a wealth of information on how to talk to children about sex crimes, as well as information about warning signs to look out for with children where abuse is suspected.

How It Works

    • Registered sex offenders are required by law to register their phone numbers, address, and all social media accounts with law enforcement. Failure to do so is a violation of probation and parole terms and can result in immediate imprisonment.
    • Parents who sign up for Safe Virtual Neighborhood will download the app on their child’s smartphone device. Note: Safe Virtual Neighborhood’s full features currently only work on Android devices. However, Safe Virtual Neighborhood can still track your child’s iPhone and alert you if he or she is near a sex offender’s home. We hope to provide Safe Virtual Neighborhood for all smartphone devices soon.
    • The app monitor’s your child’s Snapchat activity, texts, emails and phone calls in the background, without storing your child’s messages or interfering with its use.
    • If a registered sex offender contacts your child via one of those communication channels, you receive an instant notification.
    • From there, it’s up to parents to ask their children about their smartphone activity or escalate the situation to law enforcement. Safe Virtual Neighborhood is a monitoring platform that does not send information directly to law enforcement. If parents suspect criminal activity or abuse, they should immediately reach out to local law enforcement.

Safe Virtual Neighborhood is to your children’s computer and smartphone what your alarm system is to your house. If there is an intruder, an alarm is sounded.

Considering how much time today’s kids spend on their smart devises and computers, there has never been a greater need to keep them safe from predators hunting online. Safe Virtual Neighborhood’s mission is to help parents protect what is most precious to them.